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Business Intelligence Software and Services

Why Business Intelligence Software matters and how we can help you make the right choice   When it comes to business analytics solutions, you have a large variety of existing software that, each in its own right, provides business owners, department heads, and staff with valuable direction to help steer you toward success. If needed, … Read more

WordPress theme and plugin development

A beloved Content Management System Over the years our agency has tackled many of the problems that our clients have faced, and while a lot of those involved nuanced business use-cases, the vast majority have one thing in common: WordPress. WordPress is, by far, the most popular content management solution out there, driving approximately 43% … Read more

Need Online Storage? Meet the Anima Cloud Platform

Our latest monthly service offering is an easy-to-use cloud storage system, with great sharing features, and some other useful functions, like integrated notes, calendars, time tracking, appointments, forms, polls, and a kanban project management deck. It’s perfect for small teams wanting to keep files synced between users, assign documents and tasks, and track progress. Currently, … Read more

Introducing Our All-in-One Work Solution

An affordable alternative to a self-hosted system For those businesses that would prefer a more out-of-the-box solution, we are excited to introduce our SaaS offering, the Pingaroo Worksuite. It features some of the best business process management functionalities, rolled into one solution and taken on a month-to-month basis. That’s right! No strings attached. With this … Read more

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Top-Notch Real-Estate Software To Supercharge Any Agency

Manage property listings and requests and optimize your sales pipeline. With the real estate software and services we provide, businesses can take complete control over their workflow and never miss out on new leads. Our solution consists of a fully white-labeled CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, integrated directly into the real estate workflow. Features include: … Read more

Courier Systems That Integrate With Any Online Shop

Embracing eCommerce There are many ways a courier operation could benefit from having a system tailored to their operation, but probably the biggest one we can think of would be the ability to integrate with the many thousands of eCommerce shops around. Modern web technologies enable small to medium-sized logistical companies to benefit immensely from … Read more

Interactive product showcase

Welcome to the future of online product presentations. This display configuration is great for many types of products but in the case of cabinetry and related furniture there is no better way of relaying all the features. High resolution images captured by a skilled phtographer in an attractive setting with the right lighting at just … Read more