Real estate listing tools

We have a range of tools to supplement real estate listings. Allow prospective buyers to view your property from a bird’s-eye view. This allows an unobstructed and complete view of the footprint. If a buyer is looking to buy and renovate, this unique perspective will provide more information than a photo can. We designed these … Read more

Do you need a website rescue?

Websites Degrade Over Time It’s safe to say that a business website is virtually a shopfront to a brand, and it serves as a first encounter for most of that business’ potential client base. As such, an outdated, slow website can have many negative implications. We know that design trends come and go, it’s as … Read more

Multipurpose video flyers

introducing video flyers In the past we had printed flyers. As our world started digitizing we started adapting our graphics to online platforms and found new ways of marketing. In this fast paced world however, we have to continually find new and innovative ways to stand out among the rest or simply get left behind. … Read more

Bring new life to your logo

Designing a logo can be tough. There are constraints, desires and considerations to be had. Once the final ‘Go!’ has been given, that’s it, there’s no going back. You now find yourself in a long-term relationship. It belongs to you, and you to it. For most of us this is the end. No more worries … Read more

Affordable Websites and Online Stores

Looking to start selling goods online? There’s never been a better time to promote your services online, and we are right here with everything you need to get started today. All our websites packages include: Secure hosting Domain name registration Company email PLUS For a limited time only we are giving away a FREE Logo … Read more

3D Renovations

At the beginning of each renovation there is a period of uncertainty. In this time you might find that although it is undoubtedly time for change, knowing in which direction to go or simply finding a solid starting point for design and conceptualization can be hard. Recently an existing client requested that I assist his … Read more

Retainer Options

What retainer services does Anima Media offer? Our retainers are for services that are ongoing, such as content creation or custom development. You might find that you need a custom business feature developed and integrated with one of your inhouse communication systems, such as Slack / Skype / Teams etc. These can sometimes take more … Read more

Customer Portals

As part of your Anima Media client benefits, you get access to a portal for getting in touch with us and staying in the loop with whatever’s happening with your project. In there you will be see lead times, milestones and other custom metrics based on the work we’re doing for you. Portals are created … Read more

Introducing Virtual Spaces

What are virtual spaces? Convert a real space into a virtual space. Whether you are remodeling a home, shuffling your office space, laying out a warehouse or developing real-estate, access to an interactive digital version of your space is priceless. We provide a range of applications custom built to your specific needs.

Announcing our affiliate program

In this day and age, it is crucial to establish and maintain a relationship with agencies who handle digital design and other web related services. With Work From Home culture becoming much more prevalent, we can’t help but imagine a future where income is generated by networking in a more efficient and valued way. We … Read more