Top-Notch Real-Estate Software To Supercharge Any Agency

Manage property listings and requests and optimize your sales pipeline.

With the real estate software and services we provide, businesses can take complete control over their workflow and never miss out on new leads. Our solution consists of a fully white-labeled CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, integrated directly into the real estate workflow.

Features include:

  • Easily add unlimited listings of various types (for sale, to let, etc)
  • Capture new leads/requests directly from your website
  • Mass email marketing baked into the system, with the ability to create unlimited communication templates
  • A RESTful API, that allows you to develop your own front-ends, build dashboards, facilitate workflow automation, and much more
  • Your client database remains your own at all times
  • Add unlimited users and teams
  • Mobile friendly
  • Access Level Control with the ability to create any number of “roles” to assign to users in order to control what they can and cannot see.
  • All work (including email correspondence) can be done completely in the browser, reducing the need for Outlook
  • Staff can easily pass on work to colleagues to avoid bottlenecks and to allow for seamless customer service
  • Bookings (viewings) can be scheduled directly from the application, and everyone is reminded accordingly

These are just some of the neat features that a real estate-orientated CRM system can provide, but there are many more benefits.

We also offer various other services to further supplement your hard work, such as our real estate listing tools, retainer options, and affordable websites and online stores.