WordPress theme and plugin development

A beloved Content Management System

Over the years our agency has tackled many of the problems that our clients have faced, and while a lot of those involved nuanced business use-cases, the vast majority have one thing in common: WordPress.

WordPress is, by far, the most popular content management solution out there, driving approximately 43% of the internet in 2022, and continues to grow.

Why is WordPress so popular?

  • WordPress is user friendly
  • There are thousands upon thousands of themes (although we usually stick to our tried-and-tested themes or build our own from scratch)
  • If you’re trying to rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Page), your website needs to be rich in information, and this usually means maintaining an active blog about your products and services. WordPress does that.
  • If you need custom functionality, you can hire a developer who will already be familiar with WordPress most likely, and likely know which plugin might fit your purpose.
  • If there isn’t already a plugin that suits your need, a developer can easily create a plugin for you to handle your business requirement
  • It’s FOSS (Free and Open Source), which is a big part of why we love WordPress. With a rich community of experts, as long as you are working with the right developers, WordPress will continue to be future-proof, which is crucial for business growth
  • We can go on… but let’s just say WordPress almost always fits the bill in terms of useability, scalability, and security

With all of that in mind, we here at Anima Media cater to just about any use case involving WordPress. Whether it be reviving an old website, creating a plugin to accept bookings into your back-end, or plugins to allow courier systems to integrate with any online shop, we’ve got you covered.