Do you need a website rescue?

Websites Degrade Over Time It’s safe to say that a business website is virtually a shopfront to a brand, and it serves as a first encounter for most of that business’ potential client base. As such, an outdated, slow website can have many negative implications. We know that design trends come and go, it’s as … Read more

Customer Portals

As part of your Anima Media client benefits, you get access to a portal for getting in touch with us and staying in the loop with whatever’s happening with your project. In there you will be see lead times, milestones and other custom metrics based on the work we’re doing for you. Portals are created … Read more

Announcing our affiliate program

In this day and age, it is crucial to establish and maintain a relationship with agencies who handle digital design and other web related services. With Work From Home culture becoming much more prevalent, we can’t help but imagine a future where income is generated by networking in a more efficient and valued way. We … Read more