Need Online Storage? Meet the Anima Cloud Platform

Our latest monthly service offering is an easy-to-use cloud storage system, with great sharing features, and some other useful functions, like integrated notes, calendars, time tracking, appointments, forms, polls, and a kanban project management deck. It’s perfect for small teams wanting to keep files synced between users, assign documents and tasks, and track progress. Currently, … Read more

Introducing Our All-in-One Work Solution

An affordable alternative to a self-hosted system For those businesses that would prefer a more out-of-the-box solution, we are excited to introduce our SaaS offering, the Pingaroo Worksuite. It features some of the best business process management functionalities, rolled into one solution and taken on a month-to-month basis. That’s right! No strings attached. With this … Read more

Welcome to your Customer Portal

As part of your Anima Media client benefits, you get access to a portal for getting in touch with us and staying in the loop with whatever’s happening with your project. In there you will be see lead times, milestones and other custom metrics based on the work we’re doing for you. Portals are created … Read more