Business Intelligence Software and Services

Why Business Intelligence Software matters and how we can help you make the right choice


When it comes to business analytics solutions, you have a large variety of existing software that, each in its own right, provides business owners, department heads, and staff with valuable direction to help steer you toward success. If needed, see Investopedia’s official definition of business intelligence.

business intelligence dashboard on any device

It’s easy to get started with most of the solutions out there, such as Microsoft’s own Power BI, QlikView, SAP, MicroStrategy, and a host of others. While we at Anima Media do not necessarily act in direct competition with these giants, we provide small to medium-sized businesses get the most out of the solution they’ve got or implement something from scratch otherwise.

True business insight does not come with the press of a button though, and having access to the right tools is one thing, but implementing is quite another. The old adage holds true: “crap in… crap out”, especially when it comes to BI.

A cluttered, complicated dashboard does not help you gain a better perception of your business’s inner workings. For the most part, a sales dashboard should give you immediate clarity, for instance, and if not, you may as well have been using just another spreadsheet, those have charts too.

With IT Support Dashboards, the bottlenecks should be jumping out at you and everyone else who dares feast their eyes upon it. It should be abundantly clear, with zero room for interpretation on where attention is needed. 

Your marketing and sales dashboards should point you to the most obvious next big lead, and your customer success dashboards should provide a sense of pride and accomplishment to those who work hardest to satisfy the client’s needs. 

Alerts and notifications should not be dismissed in annoyance but anticipated and consumed as part of an excellent, productive workflow.

How we can help you hit the ground running


There’s usually a bit of investigation needed, with a finger carefully on the pulse, listening for the heartbeat of your business.  Through data mining, predictive modeling, descriptive modeling, and decision analytics, a picture starts to form, and you are well on your way to true dashboard heaven.

Where existing solutions become a little confusing, we’re at your side to help make sense of it all. With continued integration, we can also provide embedded analytics to display consumer or client-facing information inside websites and mobile applications. 

Whatever the database, whatever the framework, whatever the problem, we are your partners in data visualization. 

Find out more on how to get started by getting in touch. We’re waiting.