Point of sale software Solutions

A tailor-made point-of-sale solution for any business model

There is a multitude of options on the market that would most definitely get the job done, but what about tomorrow?

Or what happens when your products have specific qualities or features that the software does not cater for?

In a lot of these cases, the retailer is stuck with what they have, and in most cases, the hardware and software appear to be deeply intertwined, giving you the impression that the software will only work on the accompanying hardware. There is also the matter of support, and most smart business persons would choose to go with a tried-and-tested solution that never leaves your operation hanging, but heaven forbid when it does you are likely in for a couple of days waiting for your problem to be resolved.

We offer a modular, scalable solution that allows shop owners to define their interface, inventory management, and much more. Our software is affordable, with no monthly fees (excluding optional hosting and retainers). You budget for your system as though it was your website, and once it’s done and paid it’s yours. What’s more, we use industry-leading technology stacks to ensure your sales interface is future-proof.

What does a modular system mean?

By a modular approach, we offer a way to separate the server/client-side logic, where the server hardware handles inventory logic, reporting, access level control, and automation, and the client-side hardware serves as the public-facing peripherals, like touch-screen displays, self-help kiosks, and much more.

Benefits of our POS Systems include:

  • Budget: You can get started with less hardware that is more affordable
  • Scale: You can quickly and easily add more public-facing peripherals when the need arises
  • Integration: Our system comes with a rich API to allow your various departments to integrate the sales data into your business environment in real-time, providing crucial business intelligence.
  • Customizability: The sales interfaces are branded as your own and you have complete control over the various widgets that drive the front-end application.

Who can benefit from using our point of sale systems?

We cater to any business within South Africa at the moment, with our immediate focus on Gauteng cities such as Johannesburg, Benoni, Boksburg, and so on.

With the above benefits in mind, you will be pleased to know that such a system would apply to just about every business model where the seller would like to present a rich, brochure-like experience to the customer, providing every opportunity to cross-sell, create promotional bundles and even integrate directly into their website with Courier Systems That Integrate With Any Online Shop, as well as Taking Accommodation Management To The Next Level.

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