Taking Accommodation Management To The Next Level

Your Assets – Your Income

There used to be a time when, as the owner of a lodge, hotel, or any other hospitality-based business, if you wanted to use fancy booking programs to keep track of your operation you had little choice but to go with a 3rd party service.

Such a service would inevitably end up taking some amount of your profit, simply for providing you with a business tool.

Handle your bookings directly

Online booking management made easy

If the above scenario describes you, then we have some very good news!

We can bring the ease and convenience of an online booking platform straight to you, leaving you with all the power to drive your accommodation management in the direction of your choosing.

Take bookings directly from your website

With our help, your website can become your company’s most important public-facing asset. With your own booking system in the back-end, we introduce the ability to use your own website to accept new accommodations with ease, with all the various cost calculations, straight into your back-end.

This benefits you in that:

  • Reduces time and complexity
  • Cuts out the middle man
  • Gives you the power to market as you wish
  • Enables you to customize the customer booking experience to your liking

Not enough reasons?

Having your own in-house back-end booking system also enables you to:

  • Keep your customer data out of the hands of 3rd parties
  • Personalize the workflow with your internal processes
  • Add unlimited users, teams, and roles
  • Keep your Email marketing in-house by using the system’s integrated mail server
  • Evolve the system over time with some of our other service offerings, such as WordPress Plugin Development to add functionality to your website that integrates with your lodge or hotel
  • The list goes on and on…

Interested in learning more?

Our solutions are derived from only the best Open Source Software, and we pride ourselves in keeping in line with industry best practices when it comes to scalability, security, and usability.

We never want to tie our customers in with some legacy solution that cannot keep up with the possibilities that the web gives us now.

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