Interactive product showcase

Welcome to the future of online product presentations. This display configuration is great for many types of products but in the case of cabinetry and related furniture there is no better way of relaying all the features. High resolution images captured by a skilled phtographer in an attractive setting with the right lighting at just the right angle will go a long way to presenting the look of your product. But what about the feel, what about the countless other viewing angles that buyer might want to see to put their minds at easy and proceed to checkout.

Go ahead, give it a try. You can hover over the components and see their outlines highlighted, click and drag the model to view from different angles, click on the components to activate animations or click the numbered annotations to reveal more information. Additionally you can zoom in to get a closer look or click the icon the upper right-hand corner to switch to full screen. If you are viewing on a mobile device try turning it to landscape.