Do you need a website rescue?

Websites Degrade Over Time

It’s safe to say that a business website is virtually a shopfront to a brand, and it serves as a first encounter for most of that business’ potential client base. As such, an outdated, slow website can have many negative implications.

We know that design trends come and go, it’s as dated a concept as hairstyles and fashion trends, and so what may have been considered a stellar website ten years ago, designed and developed by a team of experts, in 2021 it is most certainly going to need serious updating.

What are the minimum requirements for a company website?

Functionality varies as a site becomes more complex, but there are 4 pillars that makes for a well optimized website that will not make your brand look less professional:

1 – SSL Encrypted

Forcing your site to serve traffic over HTTPS means your site will never display the dreaded “Not Secure” notice. You wouldn’t like a sign hanging outside your reception warning people that it may not be safe to enter the building.

Not good!

Encrypted – served over HTTPS
Not Secure – served over HTTP alone

2 – Fast loading

A website that loads instantly is much more likely to keep your customers from giving up and looking for the information elsewhere, as nobody has time to wait around for a site to load. Your competitors’ website might load faster and provide a potential client with the information they were after.

3 – Mobile Friendly

Your site may look great on a desktop or laptop screen, but in case you’re not aware, more that 80% of users will visit your site using their mobile phone, and this would imply that websites should be developed with mobile first in mind.

The trick is to find a suitable equilibrium between artistic design and pragmatic information, and proceed accordingly when designing a website.

4 – Search Engine Optimized

SEO plays a crucial role in marketing your brand through your website.

To put it plainly, a person who uses Google to search for something like goods or services starts off as a customer of Google. You may well have just what the user is after, but it is the search engine provider, in this example Google, that gets to decide whether or not you will even appear at all. As such, a website is advised to adhere to certain principles in order to increase chances of appearing in search results.

Without a proper plan in place to ensure ranking, chances are you are at a huge disadvantage.

So What Exactly Does Website Rescue Mean?

While it may not be as dramatic as the title implies, we use the term “rescue” when it applies to one of the following:

  • The website was developed very long ago and requires serious love and attention
  • The previous developer cannot be located
  • The site was developed by a friend or relative who’ve since lost interest or contact
  • The current agency cannot finish the project for whatever reason
  • The business owner made a valiant effort to design and develop their own site, but realized that there is more involved and that their time is better spent building the business

The list obviously goes on and on, and we are not here to dwell on the past, but rather to provide hope!

That’s Where We Come In

In our experience, the vast majority of new websites we develop for our clients come to us as a result of an unfinished project. We are embracing this with open arms, taking pride in each new brand we take under our wing.

We believe that our exceptional service is like a breath of fresh air to anyone coming from a bad experience with their previous website.

In Conclusion

if you’re reading this and you’re finding yourself in a situation where your website requires rescuing, we are here for you!

We offer payment plans that make the decision to migrate over to our care that much easier. Contact us today by filling out the below and we will be in touch!