Multipurpose video flyers

introducing video flyers

In the past, we had printed flyers. As our world started digitizing we started adapting our graphics to online platforms and found new ways of marketing. In this fast-paced world, however, we have to continually find new and innovative ways to stand out among the rest or simply get left behind.

Video and motion graphics are the future and the future is now. Anima Media’s Video Flyers make it easy for you to take one simple video and distribute it across all your social platforms. One file that works for Facebook and Instagram, is easy to share via WhatsApp and post on your website or blog.

Our Video Flyers are made up of three components:

1. Backgrounds

The sky’s the limit. Although we would suggest that you choose an image with certain characteristics, you can use any image larger than our minimum required resolution. There are many platforms that offer stock images that include beautiful textures and landscapes that are perfectly suited.

2. Branding

Your branding allows your customers to identify you and we place your logo up front and center so that there is never any doubt as to who the video belongs to. We can use your logo as is, or if you want something a little more eye catching we offer additional services that add some more spunk. (Logomotion)

Here is an example of what a logo might look like before and after our Logomotion service is applied.

3. Content

Here is where we insert your message. You choose the wording and font and we will create a beautiful text animation that is sure to draw attention.

That’s it. You supply the basics and we will create a Video Flyer that you can use as much as you want on any platform you choose.