Bring new life to your logo

Designing a logo can be tough. There are constraints, desires and considerations to be had. Once the final ‘Go!’ has been given, that’s it, there’s no going back. You now find yourself in a long-term relationship. It belongs to you, and you to it.

For most of us this is the end. No more worries about logos. “It’s done. What else is there…”. We display our logo on our webpages and our email signatures, on letterheads and invoices, but beyond using it ‘as is’, we never wonder what more it could be.

Our logo is a great example of simple logo animations that go a whole long way. They look great on website headers and email signatures.

Then, as time goes by things change. The environment in which we exist, as well as the way we behave and the way in which we perceive the world around us changes. Suddenly we find ourselves competing for the attention that we thought was ours. Fighting harder than ever to stand out among the rest.

But while the world changes and our artwork ages, technologies grow and mature and whole new ways of doing things occasionally spring into being. Suddenly our marketing strategies include social media and tons of new online capabilities. Our logo now has to appear in video and our flat artwork is just not cutting it anymore.

Here are some more examples, this time formatted for Facebook header video. Once an asset like this exists, it can easily be reformatted and used for another aplication

To really look good and stand out in today’s world our logos need to be in 3D. They need to move. They must pop off the page and demand attention. We need to bring our logos to life, wind them up and release them. Having our logos modeled into 3D assets gives us the ability to easily render new versions of our trusted artwork. Now we can render video and interactive online content.

Visually capture your audience before the competition does with:

Animated Logos for Web and email