Retainer Options

What retainer services does Anima Media offer?

Our retainers are for services that are ongoing, such as content creation or custom development.

You might find that you need a custom business feature developed and integrated with one of your inhouse communication systems, such as Slack / Skype / Teams etc.

These can sometimes take more than a couple of hours, and at our current rate you’d have to spend R600 per hour for anything that falls outside the scope of the service agreement.

This is where our retainer options are just the thing to help keep your dreams active and within budget.

Retainer Options:


3-5 hours @ R999

Small Business

8 – 10 hours @ R3,500


15 – 20 hours @ R6,500


30 – 40 hours @ R10,500

As you can see, you can save quite a lot by taking out a retainer with us!

We track our productivity in unique ways to allow you to see exactly how much time and effort went into each individual task. Together we set active milestones and through ongoing communication we keep at it.

Enjoy the benefits of having an IT Guy / Developer on demand when you need one.