Join our affiliate program

What it’s about

In this day and age, it is crucial to establish and maintain a relationship with agencies who handle digital design and other web related services.

With Work From Home culture becoming much more prevalent, we can’t help but imagine a future where income is generated by networking in a more efficient and valued way. We at Anima Media will never be able to do what we do if not for the large portion of word-of-mouth referrals from our customers, and so in that spirit we are announcing the launch of our brand new affiliate system, baked into every one of our services!

That’s right, if you know someone who needs a company logo, a website or something IT related, share with them your unique affiliate link and earn a commission once the job is confirmed. No strings attached! You sign up, you refer, you earn.

Why do it this way?

If you’ve been on our website before, you will notice that things look a little different around here.

That’s because we decided to integrate our services directly into the website and make it possible for clients to order, subscribe and book whatever help it is they need, right away, much like any other online store.

In restructuring our business model in this way, we are making it possible to track every single referral and get our affiliates paid faster and more consistantly.

Who can join?


Whether you are an existing customer, an influencer or simply someone who knows someone who needs a new website, we want you.

Our team is growing fast, and with it our service offings. What began as a little website development business on the side, quickly grew into an on-demand service that involved a spectrum of tasks, from logo design to complex web applications.

As such, there are currently two tiers to the program:

Referral Agent /Influencer

This is a regular affiliate earning a commission based on a predetermined rate. In this instance, there is no further obligation for this individual towards the project or service referred afterwards. Refer and earn, simple as that!

This is also perfect for influencers looking to promote services on their platforms.

Project Manager

This role implies that further to the above earned commission, there is an additional percentage earned for certain management tasks. This role requires a slightly more hands-on approach, but the way we see it, a driven agent can easily earn a comfortable living this way.