3D Renovations

At the beginning of each renovation there is a period of uncertainty. In this time you might find that although it is undoubtedly time for change, knowing in which direction to go or simply finding a solid starting point for design and conceptualization can be hard.

Recently an existing client requested that I assist his business in planning the upcoming renovation of their venue. The job required that I inspect the venue and suggest which changes could be made to accomplish a list of goals that they had set out. Fortunately for me, the timing couldn’t be better as our company had just rolled out a whole new range of 3D products (Virtual Spaces) related to the construction and real estate industry.

With these products in hand, finding a starting point was simple and in no time I was able to present the venue ‘as is’ in a way that my client could easily understand and interpret without needing any knowledge of building plans and schematics. From there it was much easier to demonstrate how the suggested changes would look, and in addition, the interactive model gave them the freedom to view it from a perspective that they could understand.

Brick & Mortar

Before any planning can take place we need to capture the structure in it’s current state. Our Brick & Mortar service does just that. Once our techs have been to site and taken measurements we will produce an interactive model that is not only easy to view from any angle but also provides the foundation from where planning your renovation begins.

This same service provides the starting point for all of our Virtual Spaces products and allows you to add only the features that you need.

Once I was able to view the building in a virtual environment, it quickly became apparent which options were viable and which features were logical starting points from where to derive design concepts. Within only a few days I was able to present the building as is, as well as present a number of structural changes allowing the client to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.


‘Renovate’ is a service that allows changes to be made to the Brick & Mortar model. Where Brick & Mortar is a representation of your existing structures, Renovate is a representation of required or suggested changes to the existing building.

Our consultant will discuss your requirements with you and add an additional layer to your Virtual Space where you can view and compare options.

With both ‘Brick & Mortar’ and ‘Renovate’ assets in hand I was able to present my findings to my client. This is often a daunting task. In the past this deliverable would have been a set of technical drawings and schematics which the client would first need to decipher and then use their imagination to completely envision the end result. Even with the addition of rendered visuals you would still be limited to those predefined perspectives.

With the technology available to us however, this part of the job has been transformed into the simplest part of the process. Rather than presenting hard to grasp schematics, accompanied by a lengthy explanation of what exactly this represents, we now simply provide the client with access to the interactive environment and allow them to explore their options on their own time.

In the end my client walked away knowing exactly what it is that he wanted to do with his space. He has gained a valuable insight into his own building and the confidence to deliver accurate instructions to his chosen contractor to get the work done correctly the first time.